Explore the Laboratories

  • Analytical Chemistry

    Advanced techniques for custom and routine chemical analysis​

  • Bioscience

    Next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics and proteomics​

  • Coastal & Marine Resources

    Expertise in marine operations, oceanographic instrumentation and wet lab experimentation​

  • Greenhouse

    Research-driven plant growth​ facility operating at the forefront of agricultural innovation

  • Imaging & Characterization

    Specializing in spectroscopy and microscopy for material, biological and device research​

  • Nanofabrication

    Advanced fabrication on a micro and nano scale​

  • Supercomputing

    World-class supercomputing expertise ​for computationally-based science and engineering projects​

  • Visualization

    Visualization for high throughput computing, enabling data exploration and understanding

  • Workshops

    Design and manufacturing support to fabricate customized experimental tools and equipment​

Video Tour

  • ​Experience a typical day in the Core Labs ​—​ the next generation of research facilities. Our scientists support interdisciplinary research at KAUST and beyond.​