Supercomputing Core Lab

Supercomputing Core Lab

Housing a world-class supercomputer and clusters for computationally-based scientific and engineering research

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The Supercomputing Core Lab proudly boasts the region’s top performing supercomputer, the Shaheen II Cray XC40. We also house computing clusters for computationally-based scientific and engineering research. Working in tandem with diverse researchers across campus, our high performance computing facility plays a pivotal role in KAUST’s multi-disciplinary research ecosystem. As well as supporting the KAUST academic community, Shaheen also services industrial, governmental, and other educational institutions both within the Kingdom and internationally. To date, our lab scientists have broken three world records in research projects with industrial partners.

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The Shaheen is accessed remotely so, after appropriate training, our users can work independently. However our lab staff are always on hand to closely support all lab users; from their initial training to their more advanced use of computing capabilities. Services we offer include; ticket-based support, software installation and porting, profiling and performance analysis, debugging, tuning and optimization and code parallelization.


Ibex is a high throughput computer system that caters for the computational requirements of faculty, researchers and students that have workloads that are not suited to the Shaheen supercomputer. Ibex is a heterogeneous system comprising of several differing architectures including CPU, GPU and large memory nodes.