Visualization Core Lab

Visualization Core Lab

Specializing in visualization, data analytics, and computational resources for the exploration and presentation of scientific data

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The Visualization Core Lab advances the KAUST mission by providing cutting-edge visualization and data science services. We collaborate with domain researchers to accelerate discoveries through large-data visualization, machine learning, and data science. We also support the needs of KAUST and in-Kingdom entities by providing access to, and training on state-of-the-art visualization hardware and software for scientific discovery.

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Our key areas of expertise include HPC visualization, large-scale data and visual analytics, and 3D reconstruction of scientific imaging data (e.g., CT scans, microscopy data). Our staff actively contributes to impactful research in research areas such as climate science and oceanography, combustion physics, marine ecology, material science, computational fluid dynamics, neuroscience, genomics, and spatio-temporal statistics.


As part of our mission, we also develop and maintain several high-end facilities for visual data exploration. A range of large-scale, ultra-high-resolution 3D virtual-reality and 2D tiled-display environments allow advanced exploratory analysis of large datasets produced by high-resolution scientific imaging instruments, genome sequencers, and supercomputers. We continuously engage with entities on campus and beyond to develop and implement new methods to improve the capabilities of the laboratory while ensuring our services remain at the cutting-edge of analytics and visualization science.