Plant Growth Core Lab

Plant Growth Core Lab

Supporting a research-driven plant growth facility dedicated to transgenic and non-transgenic research

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The Plant Growth Core Lab is a research-driven facility operating at the forefront of agricultural innovation, dedicated to plant and agricultural based studies, including transgenic research. Our mission is to support food and water research in KAUST and in the Kingdom.

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The Plant Growth Core Lab offers four functional areas

Research greenhouse has eighteenth plant growth rooms. Each plant growth room has its own, independent system for controlling temperature, irrigation, photoperiod, lighting and humidity. Three rooms are equipped with special speed breeding lights reducing the time from seed to harvest.

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A research field site is available with ten plots of 15 x 15 meter as open field, eight greenhouse units, four shade house units, a shop area for instrument maintenance, a plant processing area and offices. The field site is used to conduct research under non-controlled climatic conditions and functions as the intermediate step between plant research and agricultural application.

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The environmental growth chambers provide a variety of equipment to manage conditions of light, temperature, air humidity and in some cases CO2 concentration. There are chambers for Arabidospis, but also units for larger plants. We provide users with records for the environmental settings during and after the experiments. A soil preparation room is available to prepare different growth media.

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A high throughput phenotyping system by PSI allows for high frequency measurements of plant fluoresence indicating photosyntesis activity, visible light measurement of top views and side views and infrared measurements to determine water, salt or other stresses on the plants. Seven rows with up to eighteen trays are available in the attached growth chamber, with up to twenty plants per tray. Support for the most efficient use of the system is provided by the plant growth team.

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