We have three types of tours across the Core Labs: Technical Tours, General Tour and Core Labs Introduction Tour. For further details, please refer to the Core Labs Tours User Guidelines in our website.

KAUST permanent and temporary staff and Research Park Tenant (RPT) residents are able to book a tour.

KAUST contracted staff, students, post-doctoral fellows, research scientists and external requesters may not book a tour. If you fall into one of these categories, please contact a person in your department who is able to submit a tour request.

Submit your request using the online tour booking system available at https://corelabsrfs.kaust.edu.sa (please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a recommended browser).

A tour must be booked at least 48 hours prior to the visit.

  • Please go to your browser settings and clear the caches.
  • All fields have to be filled in by typing in the information.
  • Please do not copy paste from any other document.

Once a tour request is approved, you will receive a calendar invite, which you then may accept or decline.

Please log into the RFS tour booking system. Then select “My Tour Requests” on the navigation bar and click on your tour request ID. You can select either the “Modify Tour” or “Select Tour” button to proceed.

A Core Labs representative/scientist will guide the tour, depending on the type of tour you choose.

The meeting point is located at the lab you are visiting. Please refer to the map of the Core Labs and Research Infrastructure facilities, which is available on the User Guidelines in our website.

The requester/host/guide must accompany visitors at all times during the tour.

Please notify us about any delays or cancellations. Core Labs staff members reserve the right to cancel a tour if you are more than 10 minutes late.

There is no particular age limit. However, primary and secondary school students are limited to only visiting the Prototyping Core Lab, the Workshops Core Lab and the Coastal Marine and Operations Core Lab.

Photographs are permitted. For a dedicated photo session or for video shooting, you will need to obtain permission from the KAUST Global Branding and Communications department.

Food and drinks are not allowed in any Core Lab during the tours.

The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes per lab.

For more information, please read our User Guidelines