Access the Request for Service platform

  • For KAUST users, PIs do not need to approve every request. They can download a report from the system and check all the projects and the related charges.
  • For KAUST users, PI approval is one time approval to access a pocket ID.
  • For users, please submit a new PI approval request. 
  • For PI, please go to PI Registration and assign additional Pocket ID(s) to the team member
There are 2 'Upload your file' boxes, one in the 'Service Area Section' and the second one in the 'Sample Section'.
  • User needs to submit go to PI Approval in the navigation panel on the left and submit an approval request to a relevant PI. 
  • The relevant PI needs to log in the system, selects 'My open task' in the navigation panel on the left, assigns a Pocket ID and selects 'Approve' button.

New KAUST users: The first step is login to the RFS platform using existing network credentials and submit a PI-approval. Create an account on Badger is another pre-requisite before the system allows a new user to submit a new service request.

KAUST Research & Technology Park tenants: All users residing at the KAUST Research and Technology Park must first create an account in the system and click the Research Park Tenant box during the process before submitting a PI-approval.

Existing Core Labs users: You can skip the PI-approval and Badger account creation steps. Go to the RFS platform and use your existing network credintials to login.

New external users: Create an account on RFS platform. Only organization email addresses will be accepted by the platform.

Access the RFS user manuals, view the video tutorial, or contact us.

 RFS user manuals:


The system prompts to enter at least 4 characters of the person’s name, but you can also search using the relevant KAUST User ID. 
This can be a browser problem. Please, try to log in using a different browser, either Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla or Safari.
Please use Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Safari for optimum result. 
RFS complements the features of Badger. Badger sits at the instrument level for access control, equipment reservation and charging while RFS is at the project and enterprise level.

Get lab access via Badger

Please refer to the troubleshooting section in the Badger User Manual.

Please ensure you have completed the requirements before downloading and registering.

  • The first time you launch the Badger software, click on the “New Member” button.
  • Fill in all the required fields (click “View Instructions” for help).
  • Your email address must be in lowercase only.
  • Once completed, submit the form by selecting “Set Password”.
  • Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email when your account is activated.
You will be able to use as many labs as you need. The system just requires that you select a Lab but you will automatically be eligible to use all the Core Labs depending on your qualifications and training. 

We do not have an app at the moment but you can use your mobile browser for Badger MicroServices. Just bookmark the site (https://kaust1.badgerlms.com:8443/WebServices/mbadger) or scan the QR code:



Badger requirements


Before using Badger you must complete the following:

Submit PI Approval request on RFS platform.

Create account on Badger (see "How do I register on Badger?")

Complete the required lab safety classes:

  • Laboratory Safety Training
  • Hazardous Waste Training
  • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training


  • Combined Lab Safety Orientation


  • These trainings can be self-enrolled through BioRAFT 
  • If you do not have a KAUST portal account, please visit HSE to complete the required trainings. 

  • Once the trainings and tests are completed, an email needs to be sent to researchsafety@kaust.edu.sa  informing them about completing the training and requesting the certificates. Please forward your certificates to clc@kaust.edu.sa.

RFS complements the features of Badger. Badger sits at the instrument level for access control, equipment reservation and charging while RFS is at the project and enterprise level.

There are separate Badger versions for the Core Labs and Research Centers. Make sure you download the correct version using this link.