Director's Message

Dr. Daniel Acevedo-Feliz (2020 – present)


Welcome to the KAUST Core Labs. 

Through our mission, the Core Labs support the university's vision of becoming a destination for top-level education and research, and of advancing scientific innovation and independence in the Kingdom.


This is an exciting time in the Kingdom. An unprecedented dedication to science and innovation aims to make Saudi Arabia a leader in global solutions. Be it food security, water purification, semiconductors, or artificial intelligence, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily and is depending on KAUST to guide its success.


While the University is staffed by nearly 200 faculty pursuing their own independent research, the Core Labs exist to support not just this research but also research done elsewhere in the country. We partner with any in-Kingdom organization that needs sophisticated equipment and expertise to conduct breakthrough research.


Our diversity in skills and infrastructure allows us to manufacture the tiniest of materials with the latest in nanotechnology, handle the largest of datasets with the fastest supercomputing, and manage every type of research in between. In addition, we are designing programs that train other organizations across the Kingdom to develop their own talent and to build their own facilities, raising the capacity for innovation by the Kingdom and making it home to the next generation of world-leading scientists.


To us, leadership is not only being the best at what we do but also raising the capabilities of others. As the Kingdom’s needs and goals evolve, so do we, which is why over the past several years we have increased the number of services and labs and adapted them so that we continue offering a critical foundation for scientific and technological development at the University and in the Kingdom.


Our impact and ability to evolve comes from our staff’s dedication to excellence. We welcome the unsolved and unknown as we constantly test new ideas and develop new approaches that are pushing the Kingdom to the forefront of science and technology.


Daniel Acevedo-Feliz 
Core Labs Director