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Core Labs and Research Infrastructure is a system of centrally governed, multidisciplinary laboratories. Each lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and is supported by expertly skilled staff, many with postgraduate qualifications and all proficient in their specific fields. 

Our system of centralized governance, the One Lab Model, is structured to allow research to progress seamlessly across disciplines. Pivotal to this level of access is our support system. Our staff members are always on hand to inform and advise. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet every eventuality.

Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab

Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab

Focusing on marine operations, oceanographic instrumentation, and wet lab experimentation

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The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab is a complete marine station specializing in marine operations, oceanographic instrumentation, and wet lab experimentation. It operates a fleet of boats and Saudi Arabia’s first fully-equipped research vessel, the RV Thuwal.

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The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab offers six functional areas

The engineering team is expertly skilled in the design, fabrication and maintenance of sea-going instrumentation. We specialize in customized marine electronics and other hardware and software needed to support research. The team is experienced in running lab-based calibration and test programs; ensuring our instruments - both bespoke and off the shelf - are precisely suited to their purpose.

ILAC-MRA A2LA Accreditted 5001_01

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The marine operations team is responsible for onshore logistic, the maintenance and operations of our vessels. Comprised of local sailors and internationally accredited seamen this team mans our research vessel, The RV Thuwal, as well as our fleet of smaller boats. Marine operations is also supporting visiting vessels from other institutions.

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This facility provides the scientific expertise, consultation and equipment to support research on marine and freshwater organisms in a controlled environment to international standard and animal welfare.

The facility is maintained by technicians and engineers responsible for the operations of all support systems ensuring optimal conditions for scientific study.

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Our team helps plan and execute scientific data collection both on land and at sea. Using technologies such as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonamous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), this team conducts routine field sampling operations including regular hydrographic, environmental, and biological sampling.

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As an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS), our scientific diving team ensures all university diving operations are safe and productive. We help to locate suitable diving sites for specific research needs, to plan and execute dives for all types of research and to provide divers with scientific diving accreditation through training. Our fully certified and experienced commercial divers can conduct a full diving service when necessary.

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The subsea simulation facility provides hydrostatic testing for underwater scientific equipment to full ocean depth pressures and temperature simulating the harshest ocean environments on earth. Equipment such as ocean gliders, drifters, moorings and ROVs, can also be tested using the horizontal and vertical seawater ballasting tanks.


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