CMR Team

The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab is divided into four teams. All are experts in supporting marine research both at sea and in the lab and provide training and operational support to our users.

Barry C. Hogan

Facilities Director Marine, Fabrication and Maintenance Core Labs

Edward Lloyd Smith

Director, Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab

Haitham A. Aljahdali

Lead, Marine Operations and Pier, Marine Operations

Francis L. Mallon

Oceanographic Specialist, Marine Operations

Ramzi S. Aljahdali

Marine Logistics Officer, Marine Operations

Wael Almoazen

Marine Logistics Officer, Marine Operations

Zenon Batang

Lead, Field & Lab Research Support

Nabeel Alikunhi

Staff Scientist, Field & Lab Research Support

Ioannis Georgakakis

Senior Technical Specialist , Field & Lab Research Support

Andres Espinoza

Lead, Marine Electronics

Samer O. Mahmoud

Marine Instrumentation Engineer

Hatim M. Abdulbaqi

Marine Instrumentation Engineer

Mohammed A. Aljahdli

Marine Electronics Technician

Paul Joachim Muller

Lead, Aquatic Life Support Systems

David J. Pallett

Diving and Safety Officer

Daffne C. Lopez Sandoval

Wet Lab Technician

Abdullah Alghaith

Oceanographic Specialist

Abdullah Mandili

Oceanographic Technician

Freddie B.Lampos

Lab Operation & Maintenance Technician

Khaj M. Shaik

Life Support System (LSS) Engineer