New high resolution electron microscopy at the Nanofabrication Core Lab

KAUST Core Lab Menouer Saidani-22

The KAUST Nanofabrication Core Lab (NCL) is excited to announce the installation of a Helios 5 DualBeam into its cleanroom. The machine is capable of extremely high resolution electron microscopy, and its focused ion beams gives the features of UC+ monochromator technology and nanopatterning (etching and deposition at the nanoscale). 


The tool has multiple detectors, allowing for the imaging of secondary electrons and backscattered electrons, and also offers energy dispersive x-rays analysis for better understanding of the topology and composition of the samples. 


Other advantages include the deposition of a number of metals and silica and tilt angles of over 55 degrees, far greater than the 30 degrees found in standard scanning electron microscopy instruments, which enhances the quality of cross-section images. 


(More features about the instrument can be seen here)


Finally, the Helios 5 DualBeam allows users to verify and modify their design while remaining in the cleanroom. 


Prior to its arrival, NCL users “could fabricate something smaller than 10 nm but could not see it without taking it outside the cleanroom,” explained NCL staff scientist Dr. Camelia Florica, who is responsible for installing and managing the Helios 5 DualBeam along with training users. 


Contact the NCL about training programs.