PG Team

​​​The team provides expertise and technical support in growing healthy plants, horticulture, nutrient management, soil treatment, identification of pests and diseases and their control measures. They are also experienced in decontamination and disposal of used soil and plants.​​​

Kun Li

Facilities Director, Materials Characterization, Nanofabrication and Plant Growth Core Labs

Angelo Gallone

Plant Growth Core Lab Director

Abdulaziz H. Felemban

Plant Growth Officer, Greenhouse Laboratory

John E. Rahmer

Lead Engineer, Growth Chambers & Facilities

Abdullah Al Mahmud

Research Field Operations Lead

Gomerito M. Sagun

Greenhouse Technician

Johnard Balangue

Greenhouse Technician

Syed Asad Ali

Growth Chamber Facility Technician

Mohammad Mokhtar Mehdi

Field Station Agronomist

Walter opio

Field Station Technician

Justine Okello

Field Station Technician