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Core Labs and Research Infrastructure is a system of centrally governed, multidisciplinary laboratories. Each lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and is supported by expertly skilled staff, many with postgraduate qualifications and all proficient in their specific fields. 

Our system of centralized governance, the One Lab Model, is structured to allow research to progress seamlessly across disciplines. Pivotal to this level of access is our support system. Our staff members are always on hand to inform and advise. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet every eventuality.

Radiation Labeling  Core Lab

Radiation Labeling Core Lab

User lab for experiments with radioactive markers

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The Radiation Labeling Core Laboratory (RLCL) is KAUST’s sole facility to support scientific experiments involving unsealed nuclear substances. It conforms to radiation protection regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and observes IAEA guidelines, adhering to international standards of radiation safety. In addition, RLCL is Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) compliant. The RLCL is designed as a general bioscience/chemistry lab with some specialized equipment, including a radioisotope fume hood, cold storage units (-80 C, -20 C, and +5 C), liquid scintillation counters (LSC), and radiation survey instruments. It implements all necessary administrative and engineering control measures, such as proper shielding and work procedures, to ensure safety with respect to radiation hazards. In addition, radiation survey, dosimetry, and monitoring are performed in accordance to KAUST HSE requirements. The facility manages radioactive waste streams, receiving of radioactive materials, storage, and security of radioactive chemical inventories.