PCL Team

Barry C. Hogan

Facilities Director Marine, Fabrication and Maintenance Core Labs

Jason Serin

Director, Prototyping and Product Development Core Lab

Martin Glasspool

Foreman, Facilities and Equipment

Tamer Shahin

Lead, Projects and Engineering

Muhammad Popalzai

Lead, Electronics and Software Engineering

Ernest Davison

Lead, Scientific Glassblowing

Osman El Negery

Lead, Partnerships and Training Programs

Tayyab Mubeen


Ricardo Excija

Document and Service Controller

Ronan Carolan

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Projects and Engineering

Nikolas Papagiannis

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Projects and Engineering

Milan Maity

Mechanical Design Specialist, Projects and Engineering

Mohammad Kashif

Reverse Engineering Specialist, Projects and Engineering

Lukasz Malczyk

Senior Scientific Welder, Facilities and Equipment

Alvin Cahoy

Machinist Fabricator, Facilities and Equipment

Constantin Moraru

Journeyman Machinist, Facilities and Equipment

Ishfaq Chaudhary

Inventory Controller, Facilities and Equipment

Mohammed Ayoob

CNC service technician

Muath Alamri

CNC Machinist, Facilities and Equipment

Renjith Kochucherukkan

Scientific Welder