IAC Team

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Imaging and Characterization Core Lab employs scientists with advanced technical expertise. Our staff supports users with creating experimental plans, optimizing equipment setup, and analyzing data. When appropriate, we also work with users to develop new methodologies which tackle imaging and characterization challenges

Kun Li

Acting Facilities Director, Materials Characterization, Nanofabrication and Plant Growth Core Labs

Rachid Sougrat

Acting Director, Imaging and Characterization Core Lab

Alessandro Genovese

Acting Lead, Electron Microscopy

Stephen C. Ogg

Lead, Senior Staff Scientist

Sergei Lopatin

Senior Staff Scientist, Electron Microscopy

Lingyun Zhao

Staff Scientist, Electron Microscopy

Christian Canlas

Lead, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Abdul-Hamid Emwas

Staff Scientist, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Edy Abou-Hamad

Staff Scientist, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Xinqi Tang

Senior Technical Specialist, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Xianrong Guo

Senior Staff Scientist, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Ebtihaj M. Bukhari

Acting Lead, Optical Lab

Ji Li

Technical Specialist, Optical Lab

Mohamed Nejib Hedhili

Lead, Surface Science

Nimer Wehbe

Staff Scientist, Surface Science

Long Chen

Staff Scientist, Surface Science

Yao He

Lead, Physical Characterization

Bambar Davaasuren

Staff Scientist, Physical Characterization

Valentina Musteata

Staff Scientist/Engineer, Electron Microscopy