Core Labs' User Committees

  • The KAUST Core Labs' User Committees (CLUCs) were established to review and regulate best practices across seven KAUST core labs. CLUC members are comprised of representatives from; KAUST faculty, Core Lab management and Core lab staff. The focal mandate of the CLUCs is to ensure efficient use of lab resources, to monitor lab performance and to promote continuous improvements.

    Each CLUC consists of three members of KAUST faculty, all users of the relevant lab. These members are appointed by the Senior Vice President for Research, Innovation and Economic Development, in consultation with the Executive Director of the Core Labs; the position carries a two year tenure. The director of the specific lab and a Core Lab member of staff, appointed by the director of the lab, also hold positions.

    As the CLUCs are comprised of both the users and operators of the labs, they are perfectly positioned to incorporate the needs of both within their managerial mandate.

    Faculty members of each CLUC

    Imaging and Characterization Core Lab
    Pedro Da Costa (Chair) ​​PSE
    ​Stefan Arold ​BESE
    Zhiping Lai​PSE​
    Nanofabrication Core Lab
    ​Boon Ooi (Chair)CEMSE​
    Himanshu Mishra​BESE​
    Stefaan De Wolf​PSE​
    Analytical Chemistry Core LabMani Sarathy (Chair)​PSE​
    Magnus Rueping​PSE​
    Susana Agusti ​BESE
    Bioscience Core Lab​Peiying Hong (Chair)​
    ​Arnab PainBESE​
    Jassmeen Merzaban​BESE​
    Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab​​Xelu Moran (Chair)BESE​
    Chris Voolstra​BESE​
    Sigurjon Jonsson​PSE​
    Central Workshops​​Jeff Shamma (Chair)​CEMSE
    Deanne Lacoste​PSE​
    Volker Vahrenkamp​PSE​
    Greenhouse Core Lab
    ​Magdy Mahfouz (Chair)BESE​
    Ikram Blilou ​​BESE
    Matt McCabe ​​BESE