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    Central office location

    The Core Lab central office and Core Lab directors’ offices are located in Building 1 Al-Khawarizmi, level 3, EAST, (3404)

    Mailing address

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
    Core Labs Central Office
    Al-Khawarizimi Bldg 01, level 03, East
    Thuwal 23955-6900
    Saudi Arabia

    Directors Contacts

    Marine, Plant Growth and Fabrication

    Facilities Director:  Barry Hogan
    Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab Director: Edward Lloyd Smith
    Plant Growth Core Lab Director: Richard Soppe
    Workshops Core Lab Director: LaVon Bennett

    Materials Characterization and Nanofabrication

    Facilities Director: Daniel Acevedo-Feliz  
    Nanofabrication Core Lab Director: Gheorghe Iordache
    Imaging and Characterization Core Lab Director: Kun Li

    Research computing

    Facilities Director: Jysoo Lee
    Supercomputing Core Lab
    Visualization Core Lab

    Bioscience and Analytical

    Facilities Director: Stine Buechmann-Moeller  
    Analytical Chemistry Core Lab Director: Heiko Langner
    Bioscience Core Lab Director: Nicole Cheung 

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