Lab Access via Badger

  • ​​​Badger is an online Lab Management System used in the Core Labs to handle reservations, equipment access, and charging.

    ​ To use any of the Core Labs either independently or for service requests, you will need to be registered in Badger. 

    Features include:

    • A uniform online instrument booking system, accessible by registered users. 
    • Allows trained users to book and reserve time to use instruments.
    • Transparent booking calendar to allow users to view when instruments are available.
    • On demand analytics and reporting e.g. instrument utilization and charging report.


Getting Started

  • What are the Requirements to use Badger?

    Badger requirements:

    ​Before using Badger you must complete the following requirements:​
    • PI must complete and submit a signed copy of ​the Pre-approval Form to Incomplete or handwritten forms will be rejected.
    • ​Lab user must complete the required lab safety classes including Lab Safety Training and Hazardous Waste Training or the Combined Lab Safety Orientation. Lab ​users can choose to attend the live safety training sessions or complete the trainings online via Blackboard​.
  • How do I request guest access to Blackboard?

    ​Requesting guest access:​

    ​KAUST sponsors of visiting scientists and other users can request guest access to Blackboard by completing the Account Request Form for Blackboard and submitting it to the IT Helpdesk​. Please allow 24 hours from submission for the request to be processed. 

  • How do I install Badger?

    ​Installation instructions:

    Please ensure you have completed the requirements above before downloading and registering.

  • How do I register on Badger?

    ​Registration instructions:

    • ​The first time you launch the Badger software, click on the “New Member” button.
    • Fill in all the required fields (click “View Instructions” for help).
    • Your email address must be in lowercase only.
    • Once completed, submit the form by selecting “Set Password”.
    • Your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email when your account is activated.

  • How do I register to use multiple Core Labs on Badger?

    ​Registering for multiple labs:

    You will be able to use as many labs as you need. The system just requires that you select a Lab but you will automatically be eligible to use all the Core Labs depending on your qualifications and training. 

  • How do I get help with using Badger?


    ​Please refer to the troubleshooting section in the Badger Us​er Manual.

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