Services we offer

  • ​​​​The mission of the Visualization Core Lab is to support the KAUST research community with their data analytics and visualization needs.

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Implementing and maintaining effective and efficient environments and workflows for data exploration and analysis.
    • Training students and staff on the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software for advanced scientific discovery.
    • Providing advanced analytics and visualization services and support to all large data and high-throughput computing users on campus.
    • Engaging with entities on campus and beyond to develop and implement new methods to improve the capabilities of the laboratory and ensuring our services remain at the cutting edge of analytics and visualization science.

Explore the lab

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  • Training and workshops

    ​The Visualization Core Lab provides regular training and hands-on workshops during the academic year. Topics include Scientific Visualization, Distributed Data Visualization, In-situ Data Analysis, and Visualization in Virtual Reality Environments. These workshops are open to the entire​ KAUST academic community.

  • Independent use

    After training, qualified users are enabled to use the equipment of the Visualization Core Lab with minimal supervision from our staff. Get in touch with us  if you require access to any of our facilities or you wish to get appropriate training to use them independently.

  • Project collaboration

    The Visualization Core Lab is staffed with scientists with expertise in computer graphics, scientific and information visualization, virtual reality, HPC visualization, and sonification. We provide research and technology support to faculty, post-docs, students, KAUST industry partners, and other members of the university to create and facilitate workflows for interactive visualization and analysis of their research data and to enable them to utilize our facilities for large-scale data visualization. 

  • Full-service

    ​While we strive to provide training and support so our users can independently utilize our software and facilities, we are available to discuss projects where Core Lab staff will perform the work on your behalf. Get in touch with us if you require this mode of operation for your research, so we can evaluate your requirements against our capacity and workload.

  • Visualization software support

    ​Our staff provides technical know-how and software architecture expertise for various visualization and data analysis applications and software development kits. We work with commercial packages such as AVIZO Ⓡ, OpenInventor Ⓡ, and Unity3D Ⓡ, as well as open-source packages such as VTK, PARAVIEW, and DisplayCluster. With a collective background spanning programming languages such as Python, C/C++, Perl, and C#, our staff has you covered. We also help with setting up custom data visualization workflows with setting up automated builds, continuous integration, package dependency management, using software and industry best practices.

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