Facilities and equipment

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    The laboratory operates a series of environments that facilitate data exploration and collaboration. The equipment we offer forms an efficient and flexible software/hardware infrastructure for all our users and scientists. It is also fully integrated and coordinated with KAUST’s high performance computing ecosystem, making it possible to develop seamless scientific workflows across multiple Core Labs.

    ​If you already have KAUST network access, use our online booking tool to schedule use of Visualization Core Lab facilities.

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Collaboration and analytics environments

  • Showcase room

    Showcase room

  • Multipurpose auditorium

    Multipurpose auditorium

Virtual reality facilities

  • Cornea Cave

    Cornea Cave

  • Vis Cubes

    Vis Cubes

  • Head-mounted displays

    Head-mounted displays

  • Nex Cave

    Nex Cave

Computing and processing equipment

  • GPGPU and Vis Clusters

    GPGPU and Vis Clusters

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