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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The laboratory staff is divided into two teams. The scientific team provides direct support and expertise to our users, working with their data and providing an initial point of entry to designing effective data workflows for exploration of complex phenomena. The systems team supports the laboratory scientific staff, as well as our users, by providing efficient software and hardware infrastructures that seamlessly minimize data movement while maximizing modularity and flexibility to adapt to different project demands.

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  • Sonification

    When working with complex multi-attribute data, there are often more parameters than can be mapped visually using standard visualization approaches. Sound offers a po​​​werful means of identifying, summarizing, and transmitting information as it can increase the perceptual bandwidth of human-computer interaction. We employ novel techniques in the field of data-sonification to provide our researchers with the most effective and efficient means to gain insight into their data. We also support the development of auditory feedback functionality, which allows scientists and technicians to leverage the “always-on” nature of the auditory system in real-time, mission critical situations. 
  • Visualization for high throughput computing

    Complex multi-attribute scientific data continues to be generated at a phenomenal rate as innovation in computing and other sciences progress, and advances are made in hardware and software tools that support scientific discovery. Gaining insight from this high throughput data is crucial. Our core expertise pivots around building novel and scalable analysis and visualization workflows that can potentially alleviate typical challenges associated with high throughput data generation. By bringing our workflows closer to the source of data, we provide expertise in the area of in-situ analysis, distributed visualization, and remote streaming of visualization results.​
  • Scientific visualization and VR development

    Our team is equipped with design and development skills for creating visualization and analysis pipelines for your scientific data. Through virtual reality enabled applications, our experts provide solutions that map your data on a range of VR platforms – from our bespoke visualization facilities to consumer VR glasses –​ so you can explore your science in a platform that best suits your need.

  • Visual analytics

    With experience in the emerging field of information visualization and visual analytics, we have the capability to assimilate unstructured and ill-defined scientific data forms such as text, graphs, trees, tables and other metadata. We can enable effective exploration of large-scale scientific datasets and facilitate understanding of the complex phenomena that produce them through visual-analytics dashboard design, interactive information visualization, and effective information delivery best-practices using large tiled-displays and virtual reality environments.​​

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