Access the Request for Service platform

  • We are continuously improving our operations and services to support the development of our user-centric research facilities. With this vision in mind, we have introduced the Request for Services (RFS) platform for managing Core Labs services.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​RFS is a centralized service-management platform that enables users to submit, approving, tracking, reporting and providing feedback on service requests.

    Full-service request to the following Core Labs must be submitted online through the RFS platform: Analytical Chemistry, Bioscience, Imaging and Characterization, Nanofabrication and Workshops. For all other labs, click here​.

Get started with RFS

  • How do I access the RFS platform?

    ​Login to RFS​

    New KAUST users: The first step is login to the RFS platform using existing network credentials and submit a PI-approval. Create an account on Badger is another pre-requisite before the system allows a new user to submit a new service request.​

    KAUST Research & Technology Park tenants: All users residing at the KAUST Research and Technology Park must first create an account in the system and click the Research Park Tenant box during the process before submitting a PI-approval.

    Existing Core Labs users: You can skip the PI-approval and Badger account creation steps. Go to the RFS platform and use your existing network credintials to login.

    New external users: Create an account on RFS platform​​. Only organization email addresses will be accepted by the platform.

  • How do I get help with using RFS?

    We're here to help

    ​Access the RFS user manuals, view the video tutorial​, or contact us​.

    ​​ RFS user manuals:
  • What is the difference between RFS and Badger?

    RFS complements the features of Badger​​​. Badger sits at the instrument level for access control, equipment reservation and charging while RFS is at the project and enterprise level.
  • What browser do I need to use to navigate the RFS system?

    Please use Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Safari for optimum result.
  • I no longer have access the system, it worked until 5 minutes ago

    ​This can be a browser problem. Please, try to log in using a different browser, either Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla or Safari.

  • What do I need to do to create an account? The system advises that my email address is not valid.

    • KAUST users don't need to create an account, they can log in to the system using KAUST IT credentials
    • Non-KAUST users need to create an account in the system. Please, refer to the user manual
  • How can I add more pocket IDs so that I can use different Pocket IDs to different requests?

    • ​For users, please submit a new PI approval request.
    • For PI, please go to PI Registration and assign additional Pocket ID(s) to the team member
  • How can I upload a document while creating an RFS?

    ​There are 2 'Upload your file' boxes, one in the 'Service Area Section' and the second one in the 'Sample Section'.

  • How do a PI approve Pocket ID for me?

    • User needs to submit go to PI Approval in the navigation panel on the left and submit an approval request to a relevant PI.
    • The relevant PI needs to log in the system, selects 'My open task' in the navigation panel on the left, assigns a Pocket ID and selects 'Approve' button.
  • Does my PI need to approve every request?

    • For KAUST users, PIs do not need to approve every request. They can download a report from the system and check all the projects and the related charges.
    • For KAUST users, PI approval is one time approval to access a pocket ID.
  • How can I get a badger account? The system requires me to have it.

    Please, visit the Core Labs website,
  • How to search for your PI’s name

    The system prompts to enter at least 4 characters of the person’s name, but you can also search using the relevant KAUST User ID.

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