INFINITY is a cloud-based solution to manage the shared instruments in the Core Labs and Research Centers. All users will need an Infinity account to access these instruments and services.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (use institution code 97917):




Alternatively, you can use the web app from any browser:

• KAUST users click this link for SSO login using KAUST portal credentials
• Non-KAUST users please use this link



In accordance with the KAUST Health, Safety and Environment Laboratory Safety Manual, all users must pass the following trainings before they are permitted to work in any KAUST laboratories:

       • Laboratory Safety Training
       • Hazardous Waste Training
       • Emergency Incident Preparedness Training
       • Combined Lab Safety Orientation

Please refer to the HSE website for details on these trainings or send an email to hse@kaust.edu.sa

For Core Labs and Research Centers access:

You need to have PI approval through the RFS system. This is a one-time approval by a PI for using a specific Pocket ID for lab charges.


User Agreement

By using Infinity you agree to the terms and conditions listed here



For information please read User Guide
For help please email CLhelpdesk@kaust.edu.sa




Please follow the instructions below to register for an Infinity account through the website using the SSO for KAUST users or external link for non-KAUST

             • Choose your PI in the Lab Access step
                        • search for your PI's last name and click on “Request Access”.
                        • If you need access to the Prototyping Lab for personal use, search for "PI INT Prototyping Lab Personal" and click on "Request Access". 

             • Choose your Core Lab(s) or Research Center in the Facility Access step
             • Set your profile information, software interlock (AUT) password** and upload your HSE certificates
             • You will receive an email once your account has been approved

** For non-KAUST users, this will be your mobile app login password as well

 How do I register for an Infinity account

Mobile app:

Select INSTRUMENT from the MENU icon, search for your instrument and REQUEST ACCESS.

How can I use the instruments independently


Web app:

Hover over the instrument name and REQUEST ACCESS.

Hover over the instrument name and REQUEST ACCESS

Once you are qualified as an independent user, you will be able to make reservations for the instrument.


Mobile app:

Click on SCHEDULE, press and hold the desired time slot on the calendar

How do I reserve an instrument


Web app:

Select the desired time slot on the calendar

How do I reserve an instrument_2

** In most cases you will need an existing reservation to be able to turn on the tool

The tools are controlled by either a hardware or software interlock. In most cases you will need to have an existing reservation to turn on the tool. Please refer to the relevant sections below on how to start/stop the interlocks.


Mobile app:

Click on Options, Start Actual Usage

How do I start_stop a hardware interlock

To end, click on STOP


How do I start_stop a hardware interlock_2


Web app:

Click on the green/red button on your reservation to start/stop.

How do I start_stop a hardware interlock_3

How do I start_stop a hardware interlock_4

Login to the PC controlling the instrument with your AUT password (from your profile)

How do I start_stop a software interlock


Once you have finished click on LOGOUT

How do I start_stop a software interlock_2