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  • The mission of the Nanofabrication Core Lab is to deliver innovative solutions and provide quality services to support micro and nanotechnology research.

    • ​Maintaining a shared-user research facility which is fitted with state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization equipment and available to all users at all times.
    • Providing process development support, troubleshooting and guidance from well-trained and highly-experienced staff.
    • Conducting regular high-quality preventive maintenance and equipment troubleshooting.
    • Implementing world class, standards compliant, safety and facility procedures to ensure a safe, professional and sustainable working environment.
    • Training students and researchers to independently operate equipment to meet their research goals.

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Nanofabrication services

  • The Nanofabrication Core Lab provides regular equipment training during the academic year. Users are eligible to enter the cleanroom and get trained on instruments upon completion of the safety training conducted by cleanroom staff. These sessions are open to the KAUST research community, collaborators and industrial partners, and covers various process and metrology instruments.

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  • At the Nanofabrication Core Lab, we believe that the best learning is done when concepts are directly applied in the laboratory. After training, qualified users are encouraged to independently operate tools to increase their research experience. For example, our users have the option to make their own lithography masks in our mask shop.​​

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  • The Nanofabrication Core Lab is staffed with scientists with expertise in design and fabrication of devices with dimensions down to nanometer scale. Our lab staff work closely with users to achieve their research objectives. Collaborations are based on proposals jointly prepared by users and the Core Labs.

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  • While we strive to provide training and support so our users can independently utilize our instruments and facilities, we are available to discuss projects where Core Lab staff will perform the work on your behalf. A full service starts from a clearly defined proposal and technical specifications, consulting the Nanofabrication Core Lab for a feasibility assessment and approval.

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