Services we offer

  • The mission of the Greenhouse core Lab is to support the KAUST plant sciences research community with their experimental plant growth needs.

    • ​Providing a best-in-class controlled environmental greenhouse facility.
    • ​​​​​​​Providing ​space and setting desired environmental conditions through a centrally controlled system.
    • Training and assisting researchers on growing healthy plants with a focus on nutrient, pest and disease management.
    • Decontamination and disposal of used soil, plants and supplies​.

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  • Training

    We provide training to all lab users at the beginning of their work in the Greenhouse. Training topics include soil preparation, planting, growing healthy plants, pests and diseases control, safe disposal of supplies and experimental plants, good housekeeping rules, safety and policies of the facility.

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  • Project collaboration

    The Greenhouse Core Lab is staffed with technicians who work closely with researchers in raising quality materials for research. They are available to collaborate on setting experiments, advising fertilizer type and dosage, and pest and disease identification and control.

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