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    ​​​​​​The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab is divided into four teams. All are experts in supporting marine research both at sea and in the lab and provide training and operational support to our users.

    • ​​​​​​​​The research support team provides expertise in setting up experiments in the labs as well as sampling programs at sea.
    • The marine electronics team supports all of the technology used to conduct marine research; they design, build, calibrate and maintain custom sampling equipment and give technical support for sea-going expeditions.
    • Marine operations are responsible for the logistics required to support simultaneous seagoing expeditions.
    • ​​The life support team operate and maintain the aquarium facility ensuring all lab-based live animal experimentation is done to international standards.

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  • Marine operations

    ​The marine operations team operates and maintains vessels for research. This includes having a close relationship with local authorities as well as knowledge of maritime law. Our small boat crew are fishermen from the local community and are the true experts in operating boats in the area. We also employ internationally accredited seamen to operate our large sea-going research vessel, the RV Thuwal.​

  • Scientific diving

    ​Our scientific diving team ensures international standards in diving operations across the University. We help locate suitable diving sites for specific research needs, help plan and execute diving for all types of research and provide scientific diving accreditation. Lastly, our fully certified and experienced commercial divers can conduct diving operations that are limited by conventional methods.​

  • Marine electronics testing and calibration

    Our engineering team is experienced in the design, fabrication and maintenance of sea-going instrumentation. We specialize in customized marine electronics, and other hardware and software needed to support research. The team is skilled at running lab-based calibration and test programs to ensure our instruments -  both custom and off the shelf - are optimal for their purpose.

  • Wet lab experimentation

    Our staff provides scientific expertise in experimental design which enables researchers to experiment on marine and freshwater organisms in controlled or simulated environments. We provide training on specific research methods and procedures and the use of specialized equipment to conduct research.​

    The facility is maintained by technicians and engineers that ensure the life support system functions seamlessly to keep conditions optimal for scientific study. 

  • Fieldwork support

    ​Our team helps to plan and execute scientific data collection both on land and at sea. The lab conducts routine field sampling operations including regular hydrographic, environmental, and biological sampling. 

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