Facilities and equipment

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    ​​The Analytical Chemistry Core Lab houses over seventy major pieces of equipment that are grouped for operational efficiency. Instruments span a vast range of analytical techniques, complexity, sizes and price, from simple benchtop ion meters to highly sophisticated high-re​solution mass spectrometers. Scientists searching for specific capabilities in our lab may browse through the links below for general information and may contact the relevant teams directly with more detailed inquiries.​​

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Facilities and equipment

  • Surface analysis

    Surface analysis

  • Trace metals analysis

    Trace metals analysis

  • Wet chemistry

    Wet chemistry

  • Molecular spectroscopy

    Molecular spectroscopy

  • Chromatography


  • High Resolution and Accurate Mass Spectrometry (HRAMS)

    High Resolution and Accurate Mass Spectrometry (HRAMS)

  • Environmental contaminants analysis

    Environmental contaminants analysis

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