• ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our vision is to become a regional model of excellence in user-centric operations and services of advanced research laboratories. Critical to realizing the vision is in the centralizing and streamlining of operations to create new and enhanced client-centric services for all Core Labs users, both internal and external.​​​

Focus Areas ​

  • Operations, Planning and Finance

    How do we manage our business processes?

    ​We manage and plan for all business processes that have a financial impact on the Core Labs and KAUST.​​ The main activities covered are:

    • Financial and budgeting management​​
    • ​Core Lab charging services
    • Revenue management
    • Capital acquisitions​​
  • Communication and Outreach

    ​​How do we reach our users?

    The Core Labs have a centralized communication program which supports the needs of the laboratories. This program focuses on marketing and community-relations functions​ to connect with and support existing and potential lab users. This includes attending conferences and hosting events, maintining Core Labs communication channels and marketing materials, organizing Core Lab tours and more.

  • S​ervices

    ​How do we support non-KAUST affiliated users?

    We are proud to offer access to our facilities for KAUST and the broader Saudi research community including users from Saudi ​universities, government and industry​. We align internally within KAUST Divisions, Centers and Innovation & Economic Development​ to address external needs with relationship development, collaborations and specified service requests. 

    Our focus on external services is to provide the support, expertise and infrastructure to enable the strategic growth of our external user-base. We achieve this through:

    • ​User engagements – We engage directly with external users to inform and guide these users through our capabilities, facilities and services.
    • Request for Services system (RFS) - A scalable, reliable and transparent enterprise system for user engagements that manages end to end service requests from initial contact through to billing and collections.
    • Service agreements – Develop and​ manage end user service agreements that promotes both external users participation and KAUST objectives. 
  • Asset management

    How do we deliver the greatest possible ROI on our assets?

    Central to our Core Labs strategy is to provide state-of-the-art research facilities to all our users. The goal of asset management for the Core Labs is to deliver the greatest possible return from an asset investment in providing excellent service and value to our users and to KAUST.  To accomplish this we undertake strategic planning through our entire asset lifecycle to ensure the highest quality of outputs, availability, utilization and performance.

    We achieve this through the following means:

    • A cloud-based laboratory management system to organize our assets, manage user access and provide key business data on utilization.​​
    • ​​A comprehensive asset register system that monitors, maintains and manages our equipment and assets.
    • Preventative and corrective maintenance programs aimed at optimal performance and availability of our assets in a cost-effective manner that includes vendor management.​
    • ​A decision-based framework that integrates all aspects of asset planning ranging from acquisitions, replacements, upgrades, divestment, performance and costs.

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