One Lab Model Explored

  • Trade Line Inc. Feature the KAUST Core Labs

    In the fall of 2017 Dr. Justin Lee Mynar (Assoc. V. P. for Research & Exec. Dir of the KAUST Core Labs) presented at the College and University Science and Engineering Facilities Conference in Florida. In his talk he explored the ‘one lab model’; the management structure by which the KAUST Core Labs are run.

    This method of management centralizes the governance of ten, multi-disciplinary labs; facilitating full transparency regarding policy, charging, procedures and services. More importantly however the ‘one lab model’ streamlines access for users.

    Under this form of governance users can access these ten disparate facilities through one centralized platform. This structure enables research transfer from lab to lab as demand requires. Tradeline Inc. has led the discussion on the planning, design, construction and management of facility assets through conferences and reports for forty years. Based on the content of Dr. Mynar’s presentation in Florida they have featured the Core Labs, specifically their ‘one lab’ structure, in an article published 3-14-2018.

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