2021-1-26- Photo session for Core Labs articles - Khulud M--19 RESIZED

Material Engineer Nabeel Aslam brings nanotechnology expertise to the KAUST Nanofabrication Core Lab

Nabeel Aslam, a material engineer in the KAUST Nanofabrication Core Lab, works to push the boundaries of nanotechnology research and development at the University.

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2021-1-26- Photo session for Core Labs articles - Khulud M--8 RESIZED

Peering into nature at minus 180 degrees Celsius in the KAUST Core Labs

The KAUST Core Labs’ appointment of Lingyun Zhao, an expert in cryogenic electron microscopy, allows University researchers to advance their knowledge of cell structure and possibly learn how to tackle killer viruses.

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First Saudi national completes KAUST’s internationally accredited scientific diving course

Saeed Amin, a Ph.D. student in the University’s Red Sea Research Center, becomes first Saudi to complete and pass the American Academy of Underwater Sciences-accredited Scientific Research Diver Certification in Saudi Arabia run by the KAUST Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab.

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