Introducing the new Core Labs Video

  • An updated look inside our state-of-the-art user-facilities

    We are excited to introduce the our new Core Labs video. The previous vid eo was done back in 2014 and so we thought it was time for a revised version that reflects the many changes in our facilities and the new faces in the Core Labs. As always we striv e for excellence through people technology and teamwork and this can all be seen throughout the video. Our intention is to showcase our commitment to remain state-of-the-art and highlight the people who take advantage of these remarkable user-facilities.


    The project took three months and was done in partnership with the KAUST Communications Department. The music and voiceover was done by Paul Riker from the Visualization Core Lab, video production and editing was done by David Bowes from the Communication Department and it was Produce/Directed by Dwayne Edwards from the Core Labs.

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