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  • Second ANSYS User Conference in Saudi Arabia

    From September 26thto 27th, the KAUST Supercomputing Core Laboratory (KSL) is hosting the second ANSYS User Conference in Saudi Arabia. The two-day event consists of demonstrations, talks and training sessions, and focuses on executing ANSYS based engineering applications on KSL's Shaheen II Supercomputer. By collaborating closely for the past three years, KSL and ANSYS have been able to establish strategic projects, industrial collaborations, and educational activities.

    From ordinary to extraordinary

    Engineering simulation software creates computer models of structures, electronics, or machine components. These models can subsequently simulate strength, toughness, elasticity, temperature distribution, electromagnetism, fluid flow, and many other attributes.

    Simulation software is used to determine how a product will function with different specifications, without having to build test products or conduct crash tests. This distinctive feature made it widely used and applied to both everyday as well as extraordinary contrivances. When combined with a powerful computer, this software plays a critical role in enabling rockets to launch, airplanes to fly, computers and mobile devices to operate, bridges not to collapse, and cars to drive.

    The objective of the conference is to educate engineering students, engage industrial partners, and strive towards establishing a service at KAUST to provide engineering simulation solutions to the Saudi Industry.

    The event is open to all researchers, students, and staff working at KAUST or at any educational institute or industry in Saudi Arabia. The event primarily targets the following groups:

    1. 1- KAUST students who have little background in modeling and simulation and would like to learn it fast to jumpstart their research.
    2. 2- KAUST researchers who are doing experimental work and would like to learn a convenient way to simulate the phenomenon they are investigating.
    3. 3- KAUST students who are graduating with a specialty in modeling or simulation, and are interested in seeking employment opportunities.
    4. 4- Saudi industrial partners looking to scale up their ANSYS-based simulation on Shaheen II, or those who are seeking services from KSL.
    5. 5- Undergraduate students from Saudi universities who are interested in polishing their skills of modeling and would like to get exposed to a world-class supercomputer.

    The agenda for the event can be found here.

    The conference will take place in auditorium 0215, level 0 (between building 4-5).

    In order to attend, you must register here. Note that access to KAUST requires a gate pass, and failure to register thus means that you will not be able to enter the campus nor attend the conference.

    For more information, please contact

    -By the KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab team and Andrea Hulsbosch, KAUST Core Labs

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