Dig Deep into your Data

  • with Analytics and Deep Learning Tools on Shaheen

    With the increased demand for advanced analytics on campus and worldwide, KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab (KSL) staff added such capability on Shaheen for its users. The Cray Urika-XC analytics software stack includes recent big data science tools applicable to a wide range of applications. This novel big data analytics kit breaks grounds by providing advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning applications and graph tools, specifically engineered for supercomputers like Shaheen.

    Discovery unleashed

    To remain at the forefront of the rapid expansion of analytics and AI, KSL provides its users with an infrastructure that "does it all." With the ability to run analytics, graph and AI simultaneously on one system, researchers will be equipped to make the most of Shaheen. The need to maintain separate systems is reduced; adding hardware, moving data from machine to machine or keeping multiple copies of data is no longer required. With all data on one machine, KSL's latest capability will help data scientists gain a deeper insight and solve the toughest problems, crossing analytics and research domains.

    Analytics with the speed of supercomputing

    Cray Urika-XC analytics software will support Shaheen users to expand into high-performance data science research. With supercomputer speed and scale, researchers are enabled to run more types of analytics and AI workloads faster, yielding an unprecedented breadth of results. Data science on this big a scale will maximize the opportunity for transformative discoveries. The Cray Urika-XC suite allows you to run big data analytics tools, machine learning and deep learning applications on the same system at the same time. All of this while the system runs scalable simulations using traditional HPC scientific software and tools.

    Getting up to speed

    From November 4th to 5th, KSL is organizing a two-day workshop on the Cray Urika-XC analytics software stack. Through applied examples and a hands-on tutorial session, attendees will learn how to use the building blocks of KSL's latest capability. Users will learn how to extract deeper insights from their scientific data, potentially leading to new discoveries.

    With this novel feature, KAUST researchers are enabled to make the most of Shaheen. Their analytics and AI applications can now benefit from KSL supercomputer's power.

    -By the KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab team and Andrea Hulsbosch, KAUST Core Labs

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