Sci Café: Communicating Science Visually

  • Monday, May 01, 2017
    Time : 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
    Location : Visualization Core Lab, Showcase in Al-Khawarizmi (Bldg. 1)

    ​Using human perception to understand data

    How do we use human perception to incite the understanding of data? Join us at the next Sci-Café to learn more about communicating science through visual means:

    • Explore data to gain a different perspective
    • Explain complexity to communicate discoveries
    • Contemplate design to convey experiences


    • Daniel Acevedo-Feliz, Visualization Core Lab Director
    • Xavier Pita, Scientific Illustrator
    • Tamara Jones, Visual Artist
    • Moderator: John Tannaci, Director, Research Operations

    About Sci-Café

    Sci-Café is an interactive discussion between KAUST scientists, community members and collaborators. Sci-Café is open to all members of the KAUS T community to ask questions, discuss science and discover something new! We will also be live-streaming the discussion on the KAUST Facebook page.

    >> Read more about KAUST research.

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