Attend an NMR seminar to learn about quantitative analysis of polyolefins

  • Monday, June 05, 2017
    Time : 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    Location : KAUST auditorium 0215 between buildings 2 and 3

    ​Dr. Sam Qiu has been focused on analyzing properties of different types of plastics using NMR technology at Dow Chemical in the United States. He will be presenting on ​new methods of quantitative NMR analysis of polyolefins which are common in plastics​​​. This seminar will cover NMR techniques and data analysis methods and is available to the entire KAUST research community.

    About NMR analysis of polyolefins

    Polyethylene and ethylene/a-olefin copolymers (polyolefins) are the most common plastics. High field NMR instruments and multi-dimensional NMR spectra have substantially improved our ability to assign 1H and 13C NMR chemical shifts, which enables a more detailed and accurate determination of the microstructures of polyolefins. A quantitative data analysis method was developed for 13C NMR spectra of polyolefins that can provide accurate concentrations of micro-structures as well as accuracy estimation for each individual spectrum without calibration standards.​

    ​Working with Bruker, Dow co-developed 10 mm high temperature cryo-probes and decoupling pulse sequences to reduce the time for quantitative 13C NMR spectrum from overnight to less than 30 minutes. The acquisition time was further reduced by quantitative adiabatic refocused insensitive nuclei enhancement by polarization transfer (QA-RINEPT) to less than 5 minutes.

    Many NMR techniques and data analysis methods outlined in this talk are applicable to other polymer systems as well. ​​


    Registration for this event is not required.

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