Workshops training: Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

  • Wednesday, October 04, 2017
    Time : 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
    Location : KAUST Building 4, Level 0, room 0147 (Seas side)

    The metrology lab is hosting this short training seminar which will cover

    • The benefits of using geometrical tolerancing on engineering drawing
    • How to recognize when an engineering drawing specification is incomplete or incorrect
    • How to recognize common mistakes on engineering drawing that cause problems with manufacture or inspection
    • How to calculate limits/fits
    • How to interpret geometrical tolerances in engineering drawing

    You’re invited

    This seminar is intended for anyone who wants to understand the concept and practice of GD&T and is already familiar with the conventions of engineering drawing, such as projections, cross sections, representations of features such as screw threads, dimensions and ± or limit tolerances.

    There is limited capacity for this training. Contact for more details and registration.

    About this training

    The Workshops Core Lab organizes a series of training sessions for users. These sessions will be offered every semester to provide hands-on instruction for lab users. This semester, training sessions include information on how to use basic electronic lab equipment​, introduction to LabVIEW and data acquisition, the importance of GD&T, basic and advanced solid works and building parts with 3D printers.

    View the full list of spring 2017 training sessions in the Workshops Core Lab

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