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  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The mission of the Analytical Chemistry Core Lab is twofold. First, we support research at KAUST and regionally by providing customized techniques and expertise for chemical analysis in a user-driven environment. Second, we​ strive to become the trusted provider of environmental contaminants analysis in the region. We will:

    • Continue to meet the need for essential chemical analytical facilities at the University.
    • Maintain state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Adapt quickly to research needs of KAUST faculty through​ acquisition of new expertise and equipment or by disposal of unused resources.

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  • Training

    The ACL lab provides theoretical and hands on training to enable independent use.

    Please find below our semi-annual training schedule for 2018. Training is offered to all KAUST students, staff and external collaborators.

    Successful completion of the appropriate training is a prerequisite for usage on all ACL equipment available for independent use. This schedule itemizes the dates and duration of each session, as well as the maximum number of attendees allowed. Potential attendees must e mail their training requests to the addresses listed on the schedule and will be admitted on a first come first served basis. No training will be given without e mail confirmation. All questions related to these training sessions can be directed to the same e mail addresses. 

  • Independent use

    The majority of Analytical Chemistry Core Lab resources are available for independent use to trained and otherwise authorized individuals. While users are encouraged to operate instruments and process their data independently, our staff are still available to provide technical support when needed. Full-service instrument usage, where users submit samples and laboratory scientists perform all analytical steps to produce results, is not permissible to KAUST internal users on most instruments. Exceptions are instruments that pose high safety risks to less experienced users. Similarly, several analytical systems that require extended training and operational experience are available for full service even to internal students and employees at KAUST.

  • Project collaboration

    The laboratory is staffed with expert scientists who contribute their specialized skills to research projects at various degrees of involvement. Where advanced scientific contributions are necessary that exceed the criteria for simple technical support, for example to develop new instrumental methods or to provide sophisticated analysis of experimental results, our scientists would like to engage in collaborative relationships with the specific research groups. Each collaboration project requires a joint proposal specifying estimated utilization of Core Labs resources and the anticipated outcome of the project. Proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Core Labs administration.​​

    • Email the team or contact us​ to begin a collaborative project
  • Full-service

    While our preferred way of user interaction is to provide training and support so users can independently perform their desired instrumental analyses, Core Lab staff can sometimes conduct full-service analyses. Full-service enables users to submit samples and all analytical procedures are conducted by Core Lab staff, including instrumental analysis, data processing, quality assurance and reporting.

    If capacity allows, full-service is available to users from external academic institutions and industrial partners. In addition, full-service is usually provided on instruments where operator errors are likely to pose a safety risk to users or other individuals. Full-service is also available on equipment where user error could likely result in costly and time-consuming downtime of instruments or the unintended destruction of precious samples.

    The Analytical Core Lab's environmental chemical analysis unit is designed to be a full-service high-throughput facility that acts as a contract laboratory.

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